You are so great!  Karen said you were so professional, not panicked etc., even when things were changing rapidly, and to see how y'all build the arch was something to behold!
~Valerie V.

A HUGE SHOUT OUT TO SAVANNAH BALLOONS!!!!!!!!!!!!Thank you, Lynnae for bringing your amazing talents to collaborate with ART POP Balloons on the set of Magic Mike 2! We had a fabulous time hanging out behind the scenes at the Convention Center! We built one fabulous balloon arch and got to see a bit of action! Can't wait to see our 'masterpiece' on the big screen! You were amazing! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!
~Star K.

It turned out awesome! The collective gasp from about 300 people when the rainbow appeared was perfect!

~Jeanne W.

I am passing your name on to everyone I can think of! They loved the balloon decor! You did such a great job and we had so many compliments!!! Thank you again for everything!!

~Shannon J.

Amazing decor! Everyone LOVED the magnificent balloon arrangements. Lynnae, Kristi & hubby outdid themselves! Perfection!
-Lynn J.

Decor (Arches, Columns, Centerpieces, etc.)


"This afternoon I had the pleasure of watching Lynnae Weller of Savannah Balloons perform her "Where the Wild Balloon Things Are!". Even though her business is "Savannah Balloons", her program is more storytelling accented by balloon sculptures (in the form of everything from palm trees to boats to a plate of green eggs and ham).  She and her crew engaged the youngsters in the audience.  It was obvious that Lynnae and her family members were having a good time and that just added to the overall rapport with the audience.  I highly recommend her."

~Kate B.

"Thank you so much for providing an entertaining show that was so different from anything we've had before."

~ Alissa

"What a fun story hour it was at the library yesterday. [I] enjoy[ed] the world of storytelling enhanced by the mystery of magic balloons.  Enjoyed the fun and meeting such a special trio of ladies."
~ Janet V.

"The children really enjoyed this program!  It was fantastic!  They loved the balloons and taking one story into another really appealed to them!  They really enjoyed it."

"We just loved it!  It was incredible, exciting and we want you to come back really soon!"

"Thank you for coming to our library and entertaining the kids with your amazing creations!  You can see the delight in their faces."
~Wendy P.

You (and your team) were awesome!!!!! When I dropped my daughter off at school this morning at least 5 people had something to say about last night and/ or hoping to hire you for something again soon!!!  Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
~Janet W. (Birthday Party)

Thank you for such a fabulous job!  Your balloons were a HUGE hit!  They were fantastic! You did an amazing job, and the day just couldn’t have gone better!!  Great job!!
You were so nice to work with, and so professional and kind. Thank you for that as well.
~ Mary B. (Wedding reception)

Thank you for [my child's] birthday party. I really think this was the best party I have ever been too. Kids had a blast. Kids at school are still talking about you. I will definitely hand out your cards. 
So appreciate everything!!!!
~Allison C.

Parties / Festivals